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PDF Objects A PDF file includes several different type of objects that are of following types Boolean values - representing conditional true or false Numbers - Integer and Real values Strings - contains characters within parentheses Names - start with a forward / character e

Page view box in a page thumbnail A page-view box in a page thumbnail indicates the area of the page currently showing in the document paneChange the default magnification In the Preferences dialog box under Categories, select Page Display

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Open the Zoom pop-up menu and choose a default magnification levelDisplay off-screen areas of a magnified page When you zoom in to a high magnification, you may be able to see only part of a pageYou can shift the view to show other areas of the page without changing the magnification level

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Do either of the following: Use the vertical scroll bars to move up and down the pages or the horizontal scroll bars to move across the pageSelect the Hand tool in the Common Tools toolbar and drag to move the page, as if moving a piece of paper on a table

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Set the page layout and orientation Changing the page layout is especially useful when you want to zoom out to get an overview of the document layout

Choose View > Page Display, and select any of the following page layouts: Single Page View Displays one page at a time, with no portion on other pages visibleOn the General tab, select options under Conversion Settings and PDF Settings, as needed

Click the Settings button to see additional options for the selected File TypeOn the Page Layout tab, select options for page size, orientation, and scaling, as needed

Web page conversion options The Web Page Conversion Settings dialog box is available from within Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and AcrobatGeneral tab Conversion Settings Specifies the conversion settings for HTML and Text

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